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.Net Development – XslCompiledTransform with XMLWriter ignores output method

As XslTransform is now obsolete, I now use XslCompiledTransform to transform my XML and XSLT documents. When transforming I want an XmlDocument returned so that I can further manipulate the output, to achieve this I use XMLWriter but for some unknown and baffling reason XMLWriter does not respect the ouput method of the XSL document […]

Web Application installations with Wix…. Awesome

This week I set off with the goal of making one of our web applications alot easier to deploy. The tools I chose were – Web Application Installer (WAI) Wix (Windows Installer XML) WixEdit I’d played with all three before but never really got past prototype stage. I’ve spent the last day learning wix and […]

Extend Your Browser

Tuesday 6th (the day of my presentation) eventually rolled around. Due to a crazy machine rebuild and re-install fest, I only finished writing the presentation at 1:30pm on the day. It went really well, some very good questions at the end. As I mentioned in my previous entry – the description of the presentation was […]

Aggreg8 lives

This weekend I have gone on an all out Open Source offensive. I have released a new version of ACR (Automatically Create Rewriterules) with some bug fixes and faster processing of sites. I have released an updated version of PEA (Photoshop Elements Album Export) with improved accessibility and more options in the python script header. […]

auto rewrite rules and google sitemap generation

Although we’re very busy in work at the moment, the last few evenings I have been pythoning myself up and have come up with 3 nifty little scripts. Automatically generate a google sitemap for any given url – . Automatically generate rewrite rules for any given url – . View a list of […]

C# XML encoding woes

I have a simple XML document fragment with a euro symbol in it: [code lang="xml"] Lorem ipsłum dolor sit amet, [/code] which I want to load into an XML document. [code lang="cpp"] System.Xml.XmlDocument doc=new System.Xml.XmlDocument(); doc.LoadXml(xml); [/code] I then output the XML of that doc to see that all is well – alas it is […]

Dev crazy

In an attempt to vary the type of programming I am doing, out of office I have been working on quite a few cool projects. Outlined a few below – unfortunately none are for download yet as they are still in progress. KarovaDev Firefox extension As Karova‘s main product is a hosted e-commerce solution, we […]

Half Viking Gallery Goes Live

It’s been a while on the back burner but this weekend I went hell for leather and managed to get the necessary coding done to get live. I manage all my photos 6000+ photos in Photoshop Elements and I am very happy with how it copes but it’s web gallery export sucks ass. What […]