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mates.marry(Enda, Tara) = mayhem.pure;

Most of you won’t get the title as it’s a more of a programming joke :). But suffice to say Enda and Tara are now married and it was one hell of a party.

Enda and Tara at the Alter

Well done guys…. super chuffed you finally got around to it. In an effort to keep me relatively sober (I think that’s why anyway) I was part of the wedding party and thankfully didn’t have to speak but took care of the logistics of wedding cards and wedding book and also had to hold the microphone during the wedding ceremony. The best man Alan’s speech was awesome as were all the others. I’m still suffering now and the festivities ended early Monday morning. Roll on the next wedding!!!

Wedding party

Using mencoder for my first youtube upload

I’ve been watching the BBC’s Gavin and Stacey series again and found just as hilarious as I did when I watched it first. I wanted to view the wedding speeches again but they weren’t on Youtube anywhere so I figured I’d upload my first youtube video with the speeches (probably violating all sorts of copyrights in the process).

I have used ffmpeg from the windows SUPER installer before but I used mencoder from the same install this time to cut the speeches from the episode. Just as ffmpeg is, mencoder is an awesome utility.

mencoder -ss 00:15:00 -endpos 00:03:20 -ovc copy -oac copy Episode6.avi -o ClippedEpisode6.avi

I love it when he whips out the toast – nearly wet myself when I saw that first. Enjoy – Gavin and Stacey – Wedding Speeches

Mr. and Mrs. Smyth

My two friends, Frank and Nicola, finally got married at the weekend. It was without a doubt one of the best weekends ever. I expect the hangover following the weekend to be equally epic. Well done guys!!!! Sadly I’ve no pictures of the weekend trip to Roundstone as my camera was mysteriously smashed (there’s no mystery really – there’s a 100% chance it was me acting the billy goat).

Frank and Nic

Frank and Nic walk down the aisle as man and wife (FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I can only presume this is the pre-nup they're signing.

I can only presume this is the pre-nup they’re signing.

Me and the beautiful bride
Me and the beautiful bride

All the lads

All the lads