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British Gas continue to amaze

Yet again British Gas have been at it. Last December the electricity account for my old house was closed after hours on the phone and email trying to get the account set up first (after two years) so that I could close it. Last week I was on holiday and came back to two letters stating I owed £241 for electricity used form June to December. I then got another letter today threatening legal action. Why on earth did this take 8 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

They didn’t have any forwarding address and found me from my new account in my appartment here which I didn’t think was very fair.

What a crowd of shams. I’m livid here, I thought I was done with all that hassle.

British Gas are a behemoth calamity

I’ve mentioned British Gas a few times now and suffice to say that the jokers have still not resolved my issues. It looks like they’ve given their website an overhaul. Just like the last one, it is shit and doesn’t work. The login times out. When it doesn’t I can never log in as it gives incorrect password message. I try and retreive my password but I get a 404 (page missing). Then I tried their contact form which fails with system error. I tried all email addresses I found on google and they all bounced back claiming a mail loop. hasn’t bounced back yet but I hold no hope for them replying to it. A company with a web budget like British Gas can surely get a login system and a contact form to work………………….Retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

What do you do. I’ve spent hours and hours trying to sort this shit out and they just don’t give a crap – no matter how high up the chain I go. I can’t really be arsed going down the trading standards/energywatch road but I’m going to have to. It’s been 14 months and I don’t have a bill yet.

A move to another supplier can take between 4 and 6 weeks and as the house is up for sale I’m not too sure if it’s worth changing supplier.

It’s so bloody frustrating, especially considering I don’t even live there any more. In the hope that someone from British Gas reads this and is so insensed with my next comment that they sort out my account I give you:

British Gas and their parent company centrica, are the biggest shower of apathetic money grabbing wankers ever. Fuck OFF!!!!!!!!”

There now – see what Google does with that :).

British Gas suck ass

British Gas suck assChurchill might kick ass but British Gas definitely sucks ass. I joined British Gas for my electricity in June of last year to try and save a few quid as Scottish Power Manweb was costing a fortune and I got a price fix untill the end of 2009. I have a direct debit of £64 going to British Gas every month as we estimated that is what my monthly bill would be. I now have £480 credit on my electricity account. The idiots have yet to bill me. I have had numerous phone calls with them, supervisors and managers and am awaiting a call from their hit squad support team (that was about 2 weeks ago I was told that). I abhor bad customer service. I pay £98 (gas and electric) a month to British Gas, they sure as hell better start looking after me or I’ll be on to watchdog. Am I going to get a big bill when they finally get around to it or will I get a refund. I have absolutely no idea.