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Simple Django install on Amazon EC2

I set up an amazon ec2 instance this weekend and as I knew I’d bedoing it again I noted the steps performed. Hopefully they’ll be of use to someone. Firstly you need to set up an EC2 account. I’d also recommend downloading ElasticFox(XPIinstaller) which makes it easier to manages instances, volumes andelastic IPs. Also install […]

Ran out space on virtual machine (Virtual Box)

I use VirtualBox OSE for my virtual machines and really love it. I tried to change to the non-free VirtualBox (so I could use USB) but moving from one to the other in Ubuntu was not a simple process and eventually I rolled back (thank Christ for CloneZilla). I’ve got a Win XP virtual machine […]

Moving to Ubuntu (….kind of)

I’ve signed up for a masters in UCD (Advanced Software Engineering in University College Dublin) starting in December. I’m really looking forward to it and as a treat I bought a new (used) laptop that’ll be just for Uni work. It’s an IBM Thinkpad T43 (Centrino 1.7Ghz and 1GB ram with 40GB HD, Wifi, Bluetooth, […]

Ubuntu no longer likes to mount me

I started an edgy eft (Ubuntu 6.06) to feisty fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) upgrade at the weekend. All seemed to go well apart from, it no longer likes my fstab file for auto mounting disks. I have my home directory on a different partition and auto mount it using the fstab file. It no longer works. […]

Extend Your Browser

Tuesday 6th (the day of my presentation) eventually rolled around. Due to a crazy machine rebuild and re-install fest, I only finished writing the presentation at 1:30pm on the day. It went really well, some very good questions at the end. As I mentioned in my previous entry – the description of the presentation was […]

Geek resolutions

As it’s new year and my motivation is at an all time low, I think a list of TODOs (or new years resultions) is needed. Some of those listed are techy and some are not but all of them are aimed at improving my life. I will Finish the new design of this site – […]

instLux saved my bacon

instLux, installing linux on a machine with no cd or floppy drive I was very bored of my toshiba libretto L5 as WinXP was getting crazy slow on it so I never bothered to use it. I wanted to put Ubuntu on it but the live cd or the install would not recognise the PCMCIA […]

Server tears

Well, I received my server today. Quite surprisingly the packaging was a bit poor, with only bubble wrap wrapped around it. The RAID controller and PCI adaptor were loose inside. After some fretting I eventually got it running and booting into the installed Mandriva. I then started to install Ubuntu which would but install due […]

Investing in a server

I’m not big into hardware and only really know what I need to. I’m not a gamer and have no need for any fancy graphics cards. I do however spend hours trawling ebay for servers. I am dying to buy one and I think the time has come. I had been looking at the Sun […]

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