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MySQL stored procedure variables

A few months ago we wrote a mammoth we application which had an SQL Express DB. We used stored procedures, and after writing 170 of them(I didn’t write all of them of course), I was quite used to the way that variables and so on worked in SQL Server. We’ve started a new project where […]

W3C Log File format on IIS- UTC timestamp

We were trying to check the log files for a site of ours to make sure a rewrite rule was working. Due to lack of rotation, the log file was 3GB and would not open in textpad (understandably). What a I really needed was a win32 version of tail. Voila – It’s a GUI […]

Server tears

Well, I received my server today. Quite surprisingly the packaging was a bit poor, with only bubble wrap wrapped around it. The RAID controller and PCI adaptor were loose inside. After some fretting I eventually got it running and booting into the installed Mandriva. I then started to install Ubuntu which would but install due […]

Investing in a server

I’m not big into hardware and only really know what I need to. I’m not a gamer and have no need for any fancy graphics cards. I do however spend hours trawling ebay for servers. I am dying to buy one and I think the time has come. I had been looking at the Sun […]