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Where is the godforsaken context!!! [email etiquette]

The time has come for another rant about the proper use of email. I spend a lot of my time in my inbox and far too often I receive email that just infuriates me. There are a few rules I follow and live in hope that some day others will follow too. email account name: […]

Good v Bad Customer Service (Dell v EuropCar)

In February 2007 I bought two shiny new Dell 2007FP monitors for dual monitor love. They’re awesome and £500 well spent. I bought them from RDC and saved a bundle on the Dell prices. Since my move back to Wales one of the monitors developed a small yellow square in the top left corner. I […]

Track my letter you planks

This blog is turning into a bitter twisted rant fest but I have one more. I have an important letter supposedly winging it’s way to me. I have a Royal Mail tracking number so I can check where it is. I enter the number on the Royal Mail website and I receive the message – […]

Ironing boards are the bain of my life

When myself and the lads moved into our house there was an ironing board. We’ve been using it since but somethimes when I iron I get a mesh like pattern on my shirt as the foam is really thin on the board. I decided to buy a new cover. I’ve bought two of them on […]

Outlook is awesome

Outlook is awesomely crap. I really do hate it. It hangs all the time. It’s rules are rubbish and not very intuitive to set up. I can’t “edit as new” and it’s tagging/flagging is not very good as the flagged state of an email is not very apparent. It also irks me that it insists […]

The importance of an email’s subject

All too often, I get emails with one word subjects. It has always annoyed me and I have always edited the subject in my reply. It’s even worse if the subject makes no sense, has nothing to do with the content or the worst, no subject at all. With several thousand emails in many folders, […]