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Archive of an SVN changeset

All too often I need to release changes to a staging or live server and I always felt the releases were taking too long. At Karova we use SVN and I always try and commit any releases in one changeset. I wrote a python script to archive all the files listed in a changeset. It’s […]

mp3 id3 tag whatsit

I bought a few mp3s from mp3sparks (formerly allofmp3) and was annoyed that the mp3s were not tagged with their track numbers but they were in the filename. I had a quick look to see if I could fix this somehow. I found id3-py which I used to write a python script that fixes this […]

Halfviking get’s videos (ffmpeg, convert, flvmdi, flvplayer)

I’ve always wanted my online gallery export script to handle videos and last weekend, I bit the bullet and wrote it. I used quite a few Open source projects to accomplish this which means that PEAExport has a few dependencies but I think it’s worth it. My Canon Ixus takes AVI movies. The sizes of […]

Christmas Charity – the Open Source way

Every year for the last few years I have given to charity at Christmas. Last year it was Oxfam but this year I wanted to do something a bit different. In the early days of Aggreg8 development, I got a $10 donation and it freaked me out, I coded for days with a crazy energy […]

auto rewrite rules and google sitemap generation

Although we’re very busy in work at the moment, the last few evenings I have been pythoning myself up and have come up with 3 nifty little scripts. Automatically generate a google sitemap for any given url – . Automatically generate rewrite rules for any given url – . View a list of […]

Dev crazy

In an attempt to vary the type of programming I am doing, out of office I have been working on quite a few cool projects. Outlined a few below – unfortunately none are for download yet as they are still in progress. KarovaDev Firefox extension As Karova‘s main product is a hosted e-commerce solution, we […]

Archive date grep V1.0

Archive date grep is a python script that allows you to archive (choosing zip or tar) all files within a directory structure which have been modifies since a user defined date. The archive maintains the original directory structure which makes it ideal for releasing websites. You can downlaod the script as a zip archive[zip 2 […]

Zip all changed files

Calling all server admins Our server admin was off today and I had to set a site live. We have a script that lists all changed files since a certain date so that those files can then be ftp’d to the live server. This seemed far too tedious for me so I re-wrote the […]

Half Viking Gallery Goes Live

It’s been a while on the back burner but this weekend I went hell for leather and managed to get the necessary coding done to get live. I manage all my photos 6000+ photos in Photoshop Elements and I am very happy with how it copes but it’s web gallery export sucks ass. What […]