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Safari says – your links will be red

I’m doing alot of CSS at the moment and I recently came across a puzzler. We currently support IE7, IE6, Firefox and Safari (win and mac). In Safari for some reason on two of the pages all links were Red and Maroon. It turns out the reason for this is that a non-existent CSS was […]

XGL madness

I managed to get (with some help) XGL working on the iBook and it runs quite well considering the graphics cards in those machines. All the key bindings were screwed though (it being a mac keyboard – an australian one at that) and it misunderstood the size of my screen so all my apps were […]

Finally, me got some wireless

With the long awaited Dapper Drake release of Ubuntu I have finally got Ubuntu 6.0.6 (Dapper Drake) working on my iBook. With some help from ubuntuforums, modprobe, fwcutter and my OSX installation, I also managed to get wifi working (I did have to disable my WEP though). Awesome stuff, It really is nice to have […]