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Styled Checkboxes

Styled Checkboxes Styled Form Controls Some nice work.. about time someone did this properly really [ keyword order viagra | find viagra online | viagra dosage | viagra online without a prescription | viagra buy now | viagra selling points in pakistan | viagra sales | buy viagra safely | mapuche viagra | viagra price […]

Well done

Well done Liverpool, I'm not really a big football fan but that was absolutely fucking amazing….. [ pizer india viagra side effects | generic viagra | generic viagra india | viagra without prescription | pink viagra | free sample offers in canada | viagra by online | generic viagra uk supplies | cialis next […]

Musical Baton

I've been passed the musical baton by Sir John Oxton CSS.. so here goes Total volume of music files on my computer 9GB on the my Iriver H100. 23GB on my XP machine. The last CD I bought downloaded was James Blunt – Back to Bedlam. Song playing right now/played last Embrace – If you've […]

Happy 17th may

Happy 17th may folks, Norwegian Constitution Day [ alternative female viagra | how to make your own viagra | viagra online mexico | buy viagra in canada | viagra next day delivery | best price for generic cialis | viagra female u k | getting viagra | buy real viagra without prescription | mail order […]

ADSL early

4 days early.. my broadband was connected…woohoo. I am now with, £14.99 a month for unlimited 512KB with static ip. very good value I reckon eh? [ soft cialis | buy discount viagra online | canada generic viagra | how long does viagra last | viagra discussion board | viagra facts uk | viagra […]

All moved in

I don't think I will ever move house again… what stress.. and the amount of boxes… sheeeesh!!!. The best thing I have bought in the last year, a cordless screwdriver ( cheap one from B&Q) which has been a god send putting up shelves and assembling too much furnniture. [ viagra stores | uk deals […]

Lack of updates

Commuting, Packing, chasing solicitors etc…. not enough time. I'l have all the time in the world in about 2 weeks. 2 hours added to my day :). [ cheap quality viagra | viagra testimonials | herbal prescription viagra | viagra collection service | buy viagra woman | map of france with cialis | when do […]

House Contracts Exchanged

House Contracts Exchanged!!!! Wooohooooo. Also, my email might bounce back at you today as I am in the middle of changing registrar. [ canada cheap viagra | viagra online stores | free viagra | drug sample viagra | indian cialis canada | viagra no prescription | cheap generic viagra | viagra england | what color […]

Nifty Corners

Nifty Corners Rounded Corners with CSS are a hot topic in web design: I think that there are hundreds of articles on them. This page is intended to present the solution I came up, that doesn't requires images, extra markup nor CSS. [ viagra affiliate | cheap kamagra viagra | buy levitra online viagra | […]


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