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Guinness Jazz Weekender

Last weekend I went to Cork for the Guiness Jazz festival. I’m not really into Jazz at all but I had been told that it is a good weekend regardless. I went down on Saturday afternoon by train – (first time in first class which I reckon is well worth it). Saturday night was spent […]

What are you listening to?

I found Lauryn Hill MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 on mp3Sparks and I’m loving that. I remember my first bought minidisc was The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill which I loved at the time. I also bought Radio 1 Established 1967 which has some awesome tracks. Cormac @ work gave me some Tokyo Police Club songs which […]

Listening to music

I’ve found I have a very weird way of listening to music. Since the relaunch of as, I have bought over 300 songs. I listen to these on my commute and while coding or writing in work. What I’ve found is that every day or so I’ll find a song that I love […]

mp3 id3 tag whatsit

I bought a few mp3s from mp3sparks (formerly allofmp3) and was annoyed that the mp3s were not tagged with their track numbers but they were in the filename. I had a quick look to see if I could fix this somehow. I found id3-py which I used to write a python script that fixes this […]

m4a whoopsie – bonkenc fixie

My housemate Colm (aka. Donkey Dolittle) encodes some of his tunes in m4a AAC format which my wonderful iRiver S10 does not play. Last night I put the new Kings of Leon album on but it was in m4a so alas there was no Kings of Leon goodness for this mornings commute. When I got […]

Airport observations and a tonka truck of a hangover

I went home last weekend to visit my pals and family. It was awesome. For various reasons, I needed to go home and get pissed and good lord, that I did. This is what I can remember from Saturday night- Leaving twelfth lock chatting to conor on train going into odeon Dancing by the table […]

Windows Media Player obsessed with Gwen Stefani

My brother bought me the very good “Cake Sale” album for Christmas, I brought it into work to play while working. Windows Media player is under the improession that the Album is Gwen Stefani. I cannot change this anywhere – it’s very annoying. Why on earth does this happen.