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Gallery update frenzy

I haven’t updated my gallery @ since September so this weekend I uploaded all my New Year, Christmas, Frank and Nic’s wedding, Franks Stag, Marathon and visits to Clare photos as well as updating my Colwyn Bay gallery. Plenty of fun photos there… enjoy.

Dublin marathon October 27th 2008

As mentioned before I managed to finish the Dublin marathon last Monday. It was a gruelling experience. I wasn’t able to run at all in the three/ four weeks leading up to the race due to an injury sustained in the half marathon. 8 physio sessions later and with a wallet a lot lighter race […] rip off

I posted a reply on the Dublin Marathon 2008 thread and through I’d cross post here. Hi guys, I’ve not read all the posts yet but well done to all. It was a great day. It was my first and with a injury from the half marathon I struggled across in 4.07, sooooo happy […]

Impossible is nothing

“There will be days when you don’t know whether you can run a marathon, but there will be a lifetime knowing that you have – impossible is nothing” I’ll give a more detailed post soon about the pain of the marathon but suffice to say I managed to finish it.

Guaranteed to pump you up music needed badly

As some of you know I’m doing the marathon on Monday and I’m sh*tting myself already. I haven’t been able to train for the last 3 weeks because of an injury so I badly need something to compensate. I’m going with pain relief drugs, energy gels and some really kick ass tunes and possibly some […]