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Sacrificing my EEEPC for a Garmin – EEEPC for sale

eeepc for sale I’ve come to the crazy decision that I need to sacrifice my EEPC in favour of a Garmin Forerunner 405. Why?

  • I’ve got an awesome Vaio that I find myself using more and more at home
  • I’m doing the Dublin marathon this year and I’d like the Garmin to aid in my training

What I found great about the EEPC –

  • It’s very light
  • It plays all media types – great for travelling
  • It’s got Wifi
  • It’s battery life is great considering it’s size
  • It works great as a digital radio hooked up to a hifi

I’m looking for £190 ono excluding delivery (perfect condition with original box and all manuals/cds). That includes a 2GB SD card. I’m putting it on my blog first before ebaying it. I’ve also got an unused Matrox DualHead2Go Digital Edition for sale (£110 ono excl delivery).

Anybody interested?

Sold my iBook

When I lived in Sydney, I bought an iBook and I loved it, loved it, loved it. It served me well traveling and as a test and “in front of TV” machine.

Sadly, I have sold it. To my colleague Joel, so it’s in good hands.

I am now in the market for a new personal laptop. I’ve been looking at 12″ 13″ and 14″ models. Dell, Samsung, Sony, Apple. I cannot decide and it’ll be down to price and battery life I reckon. I do like the MacBook Pro but it’s 15.4″ and pricey. There’s also the Sony Vaio G1 but it’s only Intel Core solo.

I’ve also sold my Libretto L5 so it’s getting a little urgent. Any suggestions?

Ultimate dev laptop

I’ve been looking around at laptops for a while. I want the ultimate laptop.

  1. I want Core 2 Duo or similar AMD
  2. At least 2GB RAM
  3. A fast hard drive (7200rpm)
  4. Dual display out, DVI and VGA
  5. Ability to run 2 external 20″ monitors
  6. At least 15.4″ monitor
  7. Very good build quality
  8. DVD writer
  9. Onboard Wifi
  10. Optional: Bluetooth
  11. Optional: Card reader

Does anybody know of such a laptop that has had good reviews. I’ve looked at Asus, Acer, Rock, Alienware, Evesham, AJP and Dell. Each of them falls down on at least one of the above. I’ve been weighing up whether to push for a laptop in work or to bite the bullet and buy one myself. If I found the right one, I would have no hesitation paying GBP1500 of my own cash. The amount of time I spend on it, it’d be stupid not to. At the moment, the front runner is the Dell XPS m1710 but it tops out at GBP2000 which is a bit too much.
I need all suggestions, so please comment 🙂