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Archive of an SVN changeset

All too often I need to release changes to a staging or live server and I always felt the releases were taking too long. At Karova we use SVN and I always try and commit any releases in one changeset. I wrote a python script to archive all the files listed in a changeset. It’s […]

Web Application installations with Wix…. Awesome

This week I set off with the goal of making one of our web applications alot easier to deploy. The tools I chose were – Web Application Installer (WAI) Wix (Windows Installer XML) WixEdit I’d played with all three before but never really got past prototype stage. I’ve spent the last day learning wix and […]

Step away from the code

Since coming back to Karova, I’ve been doing ALOT more management of projects than I did before. Usually what happens is I get the projects once they’ve been spec’d (and prototype’d if appropriate) and then I manage the completion of the project from dev->staging->live and then pass it back to billing. We always have a […]

Do you Really Want to Be a Development Team Leader?

Do you Really Want to Be a Development Team Leader? When you become a DTL you work balance is up for a bit of a change. A very good article on the differences between a developer and a Dev team leader. It’s very true.

Monster Commute

Late February of this year I started back working for Karova. As I lived in Dublin at the time it meant a monster of a commute every week, staying at a friends during the week and coming back to Dublin at the weekends. I still do the same commute but I now have my own […]

Moving Email to Gmail with Google Apps

A third party currently hosts our mail @ karova and I wanted to either host it ourselves or move to gmail with Google Apps. As a proof of concept I’ve moved the mail for the domain to gmail. I have to say I am very impressed. I signed up for the 30 day free […]

Irish Web Technology Conference 2008

It’s now official. I am returning to Karova at the start of March. I’ll have more news later on my future role but I am excited to be going back and focussing on Karova’s projects and products. I have a few days off in between jobs so I’ve decided to go to the Irish Web […]

Back under my mums wing

I was away for close to four years, three of which were in the UK and one in Australia. I now find myself back in my mums house. It’s only temporary until myself and two buddies move into a friends house for at least a year (the house owner [Dan :)] is on a whopping […]

I need peers

We @ Karova are hiring talented developers. We’re advertising on CWJobs and on the newly created C# Software Developer on Software Developer on I managed to grab a screenshot of Karova on the front page of the site.

Graduate c# devleopers x2 wanted

As part of Karova‘s expansion, we are looking at taking on 2 more graduate developers. If you want to apply, you’ll need at least a 2:1 in a technical degree, knowledge of object oriented programming techniques, XML and XSLT, web standards and CSS. C# would be benifical, as would a good grasp of IIS. If […]