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Where’s clown number three

What in the name of all things XML have I been up to. Well as y’all have probably gathered, I’ve been relatively offline, what with my new job. Trying to get settled in Ireland, trying to sell my house in Wales and generally trying to get my shit together.

I’ve been going to the gym alot and playing football twice a week (when we get the players) resulting in a loss of just short of a stone. I’ve had a super quick trip back to Wales (booked at 12 o’clock while still in bed – waiting at gate at 2 o’clock) and back at 8 o’clock the next evening. I’ve started the process of importing my car. I went to the Oxegen music festival which was awesome and muddy and awesomely muddy. I’ve also booked my holidays, I’ll be spening 10 days at the family’s summer house on an island in the Helgeland area of middle/north Norway.

I checked the other day and was shocked to see that I have been in Ireland (with all my posessions) for three months and three days. My house has been up for sale for nearly four months and I’ve been in my new job for nearly two months. Time seemed to drag during that time but looking back – it’s just flown.
Onwards and upwards folks – onwards and upwards.

Congrats to my brother who passed (with merits) his Carpentry exams and only has a year left and he’ll be earning more than me.

The clown reference in the title is from the fact that our house is now referred to the “Clown College” where myself Ronan and Colm live.