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The Secret To Only Working 8-5

The Secret To Only Working 8-5 Here is the secret: learn to walk away. I am a firm believer in this. It is the ONLY way that we can keep any sort of work life balance and at least try to get a quality of life better than tolerable. There are of course caveats to […]

Where’s clown number three

What in the name of all things XML have I been up to. Well as y’all have probably gathered, I’ve been relatively offline, what with my new job. Trying to get settled in Ireland, trying to sell my house in Wales and generally trying to get my shit together. I’ve been going to the gym […]

I need peers

We @ Karova are hiring talented developers. We’re advertising on CWJobs and on the newly created C# Software Developer on Software Developer on I managed to grab a screenshot of Karova on the front page of the site. [ what if i take too much viagra | viagra sales canada | […]