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Gallery update frenzy

I haven’t updated my gallery @ since September so this weekend I uploaded all my New Year, Christmas, Frank and Nic’s wedding, Franks Stag, Marathon and visits to Clare photos as well as updating my Colwyn Bay gallery. Plenty of fun photos there… enjoy.

Norway trip coming to an end

I’ve been in Norway for the last ten days so expect tons of photos over on over the next week.

Halfviking get’s videos (ffmpeg, convert, flvmdi, flvplayer)

I’ve always wanted my online gallery export script to handle videos and last weekend, I bit the bullet and wrote it. I used quite a few Open source projects to accomplish this which means that PEAExport has a few dependencies but I think it’s worth it. My Canon Ixus takes AVI movies. The sizes of […]

Australia Day 2007

It’s been a whole three years since I was in Sydney celebrating Australia day. I’ve done a lot since then but so much of me wishes I was back there waving my paper flags. Those were good times . It’s also nice to see the Aussies kicking England’s ass in the cricket once again. I […]