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mates.marry(Enda, Tara) = mayhem.pure;

Most of you won’t get the title as it’s a more of a programming joke :). But suffice to say Enda and Tara are now married and it was one hell of a party. Well done guys…. super chuffed you finally got around to it. In an effort to keep me relatively sober (I think […]

Silly Season

Silly season has well and truly begun now. It’s the frist time I’ve been back in dublin for the whole christmas in about 5 or 6 years. Fun will be had – and lots of it. I treated myself this year and bought myself an eeepc. It looks pretty sweet so I can’t wait to […]

Phil and Al get kinky……again

As most of you already know – Alan and Jean (long term mates and former housemates from sydney) got engaged last week in Goa… good man Al. They had an engagemant party last saturday. As part of my month off the booze, I had planned on not drinking but with peer pressure (I’m 27 guys, […]