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Silly Season

Silly season has well and truly begun now. It’s the frist time I’ve been back in dublin for the whole christmas in about 5 or 6 years. Fun will be had – and lots of it. I treated myself this year and bought myself an eeepc. It looks pretty sweet so I can’t wait to […]

28 Years Later

This weekend I turned a whopping 28. A great weekend of celebrations was had. Cheers to all who came out and witnessed the debauchery that was Saturday night.

Phil and Al get kinky……again

As most of you already know – Alan and Jean (long term mates and former housemates from sydney) got engaged last week in Goa… good man Al. They had an engagemant party last saturday. As part of my month off the booze, I had planned on not drinking but with peer pressure (I’m 27 guys, […]

Where’s clown number three

What in the name of all things XML have I been up to. Well as y’all have probably gathered, I’ve been relatively offline, what with my new job. Trying to get settled in Ireland, trying to sell my house in Wales and generally trying to get my shit together. I’ve been going to the gym […]

Spontaneity re- Edinburgh

I arrived home to Dooley telling me about the New Zealand v Scotland match in the world cup in rugby which was on in Edinburgh in September. 30 minutes later myself, Dooley, my brother and Conor had tickets, flights and accomadation booked. Now that’s what I call decisiveness. It’s sounding like it’ll be an awesome […]

Geek resolutions

As it’s new year and my motivation is at an all time low, I think a list of TODOs (or new years resultions) is needed. Some of those listed are techy and some are not but all of them are aimed at improving my life. I will Finish the new design of this site – […]

Blanch onslaught

Dooley, Tara and Enda arrived over 2 weekends ago to see if I was still alive. We had a great weekend, consisting of eating, drinking, golfing, dancing and drinking. Cheers for coming over guys.

Sunny Spain

I’m off for a week in Spain to play “The Hoff”, get pissed and pinkify my belly.