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Will I move to Spicebird??

Eh… No.

We’ll be moving to Google Apps soon at Ticket-Text so I wanted to try out a few clients to see which would suit us best. I’ve used thunderbird but thought I’d try out spicebird too. Downloaded it and installed. I could not set up an email account at all. Wizard had a load of blank screens and never set up the account. I uninstalled the app and was going to leave feedback to them to tell them why I uninstalled but the feedback form was broken.

Spicebid uninstall survey

Potentially a great app but I’d need to be able to set up an account firt me thinks.. maybe waith till 1.0.

AIB….. Our survey says ehhh uhhhhh!!

My Irish bank AIB has recently launched a redesign to their site. I’m a devout Firefox user and the site used to work in Firefox. Today I tried to access it and got a blank screen. I viewed source to see if it was something obvious but it was blank. I then tried in IE7. Works fine (and does look well I might add). It also works in Opera 9.25. I had a read of their accessibility statement and saw this…

AIB accessibility statement

Sorry AIB.. you fail.

Update: I also sent them an email from their contact form and it now seems to be fixed… Totally redeemed yourself!!!

Too long in visual studio?

When do you know when you spend too long in visual studio?

When you finish writing a document in Open Office and find yourself repeatedly ‘Ctrl+Shift+B’ ing. I chuckled out loud when I realised what I’d just done. I think it’s a default muscle reflex now, just ‘Ctrl+S’ is.

Another site that annoys me –

My motor tax is due for renewal so I phoned them up and requested a tax renewal form with pin number so I could renew it online. It arrived but without the pin of course. I phoned them today and asked if I could have the pin over the phone – no. She said just fill it out and post it in – fair enough. The letter did however state that I could only use that form if I was renewing in January (I received it in February), she said to ignore this. A load of nonense really but I decided to fill it in and send it off. Where do I send it??? I haven’t got a clue!. It wasn’t on the form or anywhere on the site. I had to hold for another 15 minutes to find out the address. Now that’s IRISH!

Another thing that annoyed me about the site is that the session times out and you get a wonderful session timeout message

Session Timeout
Your session has been terminated due to inactivity.
If you wish to return to the Motor Tax Online homepage, please click here.

My session shouldn’t timeout like this when I’m just on the informational pages (as in not transactional)…ever. It’s very annoying.