Going to the Linux World conference – NOT

I was very interested in going to Linux World this year. There were quite a few speakers and presentations I thought would be very interesting. I had hinted to my boss that I wanted to go but as we are currently a microsoft house, it was not really going to happen.

I figured I could do the whole thing myself for under GBP200 including train and YHA accommodation. I’d researched which YHAs had availability and found the train I was going to take.

There I was, watching TV with Gill, with my iBook on my knee ready to book the train when I called the YHA just to confirm they had a single room. Suddenly, I get a swift kick to the shin, WTF. I ended the call to see Gill giving me evils (a common occurrence I’m afraid), but why this time. I hadn’t got a clue. The day I was planning to go was only her bloody birthday. Doh! Doh! Doh!. So alas there was some apologising, and some postponement of Linux World. Maybe next year.