EEEPC – overall thoughts

Overall – I’m really impressed.


  1. It’s tiny – meaning very portable
  2. It’s light – under one kilo
  3. It’s fast – Celeron 900MHz with 512MB Ram
  4. It runs Linux – Xandros with a very fast window manager by default
  5. Battery life is good considering the size (3-4 hours)
  6. It’s cheap as hell – I paid about 300Euro
  7. It’s got Wifi and webcam – Skype Video on the go
  8. Hibernate works brilliantly with very fast boot times too


  1. Keyboard is a little small
  2. It’s doesn’t reconnect to wifi when it comes out of hibernate
  3. The WEP WPA software has bugs – you can’t connect to a network with a key that has numbers or spaces in it
  4. The screen is a little too small for constant use – I reckon the planned 10″ models will be alot better

EEEPC in black

Overall I love and I wouln’t hesitate to recommend it considering the price.