Monthly Archives: August 2009

Selenium RC supported browsers

I searched and searched through the Selenium documentation but could not find a list of the supported browsers and their start commands. So I ran off in a huff and downloaded the source to find the list that way and voila : From – trunk\server-coreless\src\main\java\org\openqa\selenium\server\browserlaunchers\ firefoxproxy = FirefoxCustomProfileLauncher firefox = FirefoxLauncher chrome = FirefoxChromeLauncher firefoxchrome […]

A concious effort to blog more

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve not been blogging much. _LOADS_ has happened since I last updated- Finally moved house since moving back from Wales now living with my buddy Dools in this lovely house, 5 bedrooms don’t you know I ventured down to Oxegen again this year and to say mayhem ensued is very much […]