Monthly Archives: April 2009

Spotify in Ireland

Thanks to a comment on Cormac Moylans blog I can now use Spotify again . The comment is from Dec 31st so I’ve no idea ehy I didn’t find it before. Spotify is also available in Ireland now, so you may now use 00000 as the postcode and set Ireland as the country Don’t forget […]

Deliciously twitterific

Sup, I’ve been quite slack on the blog posting front lately but I have started to use twitter a bit more recently and I also use delicious alot. So if I’ve not posted here you can deffo see what I’m up @ and you can see what I’m reading @ There’s a widget […]

Bludget 2009 – The taxman cometh

Now I am definitley not known for my interest in politics but yesterday’s supplemntary budget absolutely baffles me. A possible extra €90bn more in national debt, tax everyone and help nobody apart from the bastards that ran our banks into the ground. I am personally down about €200 a month. The worst part was that […]

Patterns in the world of Web Application Development

As part of my Masters I had to write a term paper for my Design pattern module. It’s probably still being marked but I can’t see anything wrong with posting it now. It covers some of the patterns I’ve come across in my time developing web applications. designpatternstermpaper-philiproche-08299234.pdf