Monthly Archives: April 2009

Spotify in Ireland

Thanks to a comment on Cormac Moylans blog I can now use Spotify again 🙂 . The comment is from Dec 31st so I’ve no idea ehy I didn’t find it before.

Spotify is also available in Ireland now, so you may now use 00000 as the postcode and set Ireland as the country

Don’t forget spotylist for some cool playlists. I’ve even got one up there [Cadbury TV ads] :). If you are having trouble signing up in Ireland – use and you should be fine.

Bludget 2009 – The taxman cometh

Now I am definitley not known for my interest in politics but yesterday’s supplemntary budget absolutely baffles me. A possible extra €90bn more in national debt, tax everyone and help nobody apart from the bastards that ran our banks into the ground. I am personally down about €200 a month.

The worst part was that there was absolutely no incentive for stimulating growth in the economy or helping businesses to try and save jobs. I forsee an awful lot more tax evasion now… cash in hand, cash in hand!

Follow twitter tag #bludget for peoples reactions.

PWC have a great calculator for calculating how much you’re down a month.

Overview -> Banks bail out Builders, Gov bail out Banks, Taxpayer bail out Gov. The End. – Mark Cahill on twitter