Monthly Archives: January 2009

Homeward bound.. yet again

I’ve been back in Wales for 11 months but the time has come to venture back to Dublin again. Various reasons led to my decision to head back, the commute for one was getting too expensive and with GAA season starting again soon I’d be going back every weekend again. The biggest reason however was […]

Quick reference RGB Hex Colour chart

I hit upon the very interesting and their quick reference “cheat sheets“specifically their RGB Hex Colour chart. What did I go and do?. I printed it on our Black and White Laser printer……………………….. PILLOCK [ zocor alternative viagra | cialis transdermal | herbal viagra equivalent | viagra tablets ]

Using mencoder for my first youtube upload

I’ve been watching the BBC’s Gavin and Stacey series again and found just as hilarious as I did when I watched it first. I wanted to view the wedding speeches again but they weren’t on Youtube anywhere so I figured I’d upload my first youtube video with the speeches (probably violating all sorts of copyrights […]

Gallery update frenzy

I haven’t updated my gallery @ since September so this weekend I uploaded all my New Year, Christmas, Frank and Nic’s wedding, Franks Stag, Marathon and visits to Clare photos as well as updating my Colwyn Bay gallery. Plenty of fun photos there… enjoy. [ statistics on viagra | viagra online ordering | viagra […]