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Mr. and Mrs. Smyth

My two friends, Frank and Nicola, finally got married at the weekend. It was without a doubt one of the best weekends ever. I expect the hangover following the weekend to be equally epic. Well done guys!!!! Sadly I’ve no pictures of the weekend trip to Roundstone as my camera was mysteriously smashed (there’s no mystery really – there’s a 100% chance it was me acting the billy goat).

Frank and Nic

Frank and Nic walk down the aisle as man and wife (FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I can only presume this is the pre-nup they're signing.

I can only presume this is the pre-nup they’re signing.

Me and the beautiful bride
Me and the beautiful bride

All the lads

All the lads

.Net Development – XslCompiledTransform with XMLWriter ignores output method

As XslTransform is now obsolete, I now use XslCompiledTransform to transform my XML and XSLT documents. When transforming I want an XmlDocument returned so that I can further manipulate the output, to achieve this I use XMLWriter but for some unknown and baffling reason XMLWriter does not respect the ouput method of the XSL document and will ALWAYS give you XML and by XML I mean closing self closing tags etc. which is no good when you’re outputting HTML with textarea, link and script elements. I hate to do it but the only way to be confident of correct output was to parse the output string and replace these elements using a beefy regular expression. Does anyone else know how to force XHTML or even HTML output when using XMLWriter and XslCompiledTransform. I’ve given up looking.

Triathlon number 3 – Llanrwst 2008

Last weekend I completed my third triathlon (Llanrwst tri 2008) but this time it was in Wales (where I live now). It was a 400m swim in a very small 20m pool, 25km bike ride on a surprisingly hilly course and finally a 5km run on a very hilly course which was half road and half off-road in a forest. It was a great day and I was very happy with my times and my position (23rd/172). My speedo on my bike decided to stop showing me my speed so I had to rely on how much my thighs were burning and my Garmin 405 to know how I was doing. Pete’s Dad took the photo below of me coming out of the second transition and starting my run. Despite the smile my legs were on fire and felt like jelly after the bike.