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ammado v1.0 launch

Ammado v1 launch

My former colleagues have done a great job with the v1.0 release of ammado. I was briefly involved at the beginning of the redesign before I wandered back over to Wales. They’ve got a blog that is updated frequently and a podcast too. It’s a great redesign with plenty of very nice aspects to it. They’ve also had a lot of feature updates such as videos. Good work guys.

Using Wireshark

We had a support ticket at Karova which resulted in me having to look at the http data being sent between two servers via Soap over http. I’d read about Wireshark before and had it downloaded already. I installed it – found a way to filter the captured data by IP address and logged all traffic between both servers. All in under three minutes. It’s a awesome piece of software, I’ve been meaning for so long to re-visit the workings of the http protocol but always let it slide down my list. With Wireshark you can at least see what you’re learning in practice.

I love my freekin n95

N95 8GBI’ve been an ericsson/sony ericsson fanboy for as long as I can remember so it was a bit of a departure from the safe confines of my Sony when I got an n95 8GB for work (we needed a GPS phone to test on). I’m absolutely in love with it.


  • Huge screen
  • 5MP camera with flash
  • 8GB storage
  • Good battery life
  • 3G and HSDPA
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth with A2DP
  • Flickr upload automatically set up
  • AGPS with Nokia maps


  • predictive text is not very intuitive (for adding new words etc.)
  • In the call history – you can’t tell which number of a contact was called or called from
  • It’s a little bulky but it is my work phone so I can let that one go

I’s great, I’ve got Gmail, Gmail For Google Apps, Opera Mini, Google maps, Nokia Sports Tracker, Fring, Youtube and Skype installed. It really is a joy to have. I’d easily recommend it. Apart from the touch screen of iPhone I think it would kick it’s ass.

Step away from the code

Since coming back to Karova, I’ve been doing ALOT more management of projects than I did before. Usually what happens is I get the projects once they’ve been spec’d (and prototype’d if appropriate) and then I manage the completion of the project from dev->staging->live and then pass it back to billing.

We always have a good number of projects on the go and my stack is always packed full of project details. The problem I’m having though is being able to step away from the code. I love coding and I know of no other feeling (achievable in an office environment) better than being in the "zone". With so many projects on-going it’s imperative that I delegate rather than try and get stuck in too much even if I know I am most familiar with a piece of software or technology.

It’s a great opportunity for me to step back from code and focus more on managaing and looking at things from a technologist point of view rather than a coder. Under that role I have already been able to play with Linq, ASP.NET 3.5 and SubSonic. Has anybody been in the same situation and have some advice?. For now I just know I need to stay disciplined and step away from the urge to start ‘xslt’ing and coding my ass off.

Lake Garadice 2008 (triathlon number 2)

On Sunday last myself and big Frank borrowed my mum’s car (as it has a hitch) and drove across to Leitrim with our bikes and butterflies in our bellies. Frank did the same race last year and said he really enjoyed and it was my first open water race. This was meant to be my first race but I managed to get a place in the Fingal Sprint in the last few days.

It was a great race but I was very very nervous before it as I had never swam that far in open water before. Even the swim to the starting line seemed daunting. The klaxon for the start of the swim went and pandemonium ensued. Most people were forcing their way forward but I think I was the only one pushing people in front of me to try and get as far back as I could. I took it very easy stopping to breast stroke every 30-50 metres to catch my breath. I finally made it to the bike transition (somehow managing to take a minute off my Fingal swim time). It was no wonder the swim was so sluggish when you consider my wetsuit filled with water – thanks Lidl!!!.

I danced and fumbled my way out of my suit and onto my bike and and off down the road. It was a tough bike ride with plenty of hills but I got a good time (taking a minute off Fingal again). The transition from bike to run was easier this time as I had remembered to tie my laces before the race this time. I had a good week of running training before the race and knew I could make some time on the run. That I did – coming tenth over all on the run leg of the race.

My official race results.

0:19:12 (Position in the swim leg – 143rd /152)

0:01:31 transition from swim to bike

0:39:56 (Position in the run leg – 64th /152)

0:00:43 transition from bike to run

0:21:05 (Position in the run leg – 10th /152)

1:22:26 (Overall position 63rd /152)

As you can see my swim needs ALOT of work.

Frank came 34th overall, only 4 outside his personal goal for this year of being in top 20%. The bottom photo is Mark – Sarahs boyfriend who did his first official tri coming an amazing 33rd.

One thing I did learn from the race was that I didn’t eat enough carbs after as I got a little too tipsy too easily on Sunday night and I had a huge sugar low on Monday morning (I was the laughing stock at training) which was quickly fixed with two lion bars, a moro, a pack of skittles and a bottle of Pepsi – I still feel like crap two days later. I haven’t eaten that much sugar in months.




3dtri took 444 photos of the event and they’re all up on flickr.