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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Software I’ve paid for

Sparked by a conversation on LugRadio about what software you’ve ever purchased. It got me thinking about what I’ve paid for. It’s been recently that I’ve purchased the most Windows XP – 2 copies of Acronis Workstation Visual Studio 2005 Resharper Suse 7.2 and some other later that version I can’t remember SkEdit (I think) […]

EEEPC – overall thoughts

Overall – I’m really impressed. Pros It’s tiny – meaning very portable It’s light – under one kilo It’s fast – Celeron 900MHz with 512MB Ram It runs Linux – Xandros with a very fast window manager by default Battery life is good considering the size (3-4 hours) It’s cheap as hell – I paid […]

Visual Studio 2008 upgrade

Well this will be a short one………………. it’s very disappointing. You can’t CTRL+F or CTRL+SHIFT+F will crash the IDE. Editing any CSS file will crash your IDE….ANY CSS file. Teeam explorer’s ‘Queue New Build’ doesn’t queue them at all. It’s the exact same as it used to be (see screenshot below). It’s slow even on […]

New Year 2008

Yet again – a new year has crept up on us. The christmas and New Year period was tough on the auld liver but a lot of fun was had especially the 28th in Leopardstown for Frank’s birthday and the afters of that day which will go down in history with the tags “hilarious”,”drunk” and […]

Paha Maa (Frozen Land)

My Norwegian cousins work in film and they usually send me DVDs for christmas of birthdays. The films are usually scandinavian and are usually very good. One such DVD this christmas was “Frozen Land”. It’s a great movie with about 6 characters who all come in contact with each other during the film – each […]