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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Ironing boards are the bain of my life

When myself and the lads moved into our house there was an ironing board. We’ve been using it since but somethimes when I iron I get a mesh like pattern on my shirt as the foam is really thin on the board. I decided to buy a new cover. I’ve bought two of them on […]

Can I have a Lexus please?

Yes. I’ve been drooling over Lexus IS 200s for years now. Last week I bit the bullet – sorted out some finance and bought one. I haven’t sold the tank yet but once I get it’s NCT sorted, I’m hoping it’ll sell quickly. The car I went for was a 2000 Lexus IS 200 Sport […]

Ubuntu no longer likes to mount me

I started an edgy eft (Ubuntu 6.06) to feisty fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) upgrade at the weekend. All seemed to go well apart from, it no longer likes my fstab file for auto mounting disks. I have my home directory on a different partition and auto mount it using the fstab file. It no longer works. […]

Compilation of CSS showcase sites

I needed a list of CSS showcase sites for a buddy of mine and for my future reference – from my bookmarks, delicious and Google – this is what I came up with – http://cssmania.com/ http://www.cssbeauty.com/ http://cssvault.com/ http://www.cssremix.com/ http://www.cssshowcase.co.uk/ http://www.cssbloom.com/ http://zeniltuo.com/ http://www.cssbased.com/ http://csszengarden.com/ http://www.stylegala.com/ http://www.cssclip.com/ http://cssprincess.com/ http://www.designshack.co.uk/ Any more to add?

Ammado – New Company of the Year

Congrats to Ammado – We won New Company of the Year at the Irish Software Association awards on Friday. It’s great news for us.

Time off for a car loan – cigoL hsirI

I am completely perplexed and baffled at the phone call I have just had. I applied for a car loan last week as I’m looking to upgrade once the burden of mortgage payments is lifted (fingers crossed this will be in the next month or so). Today I got a call saying I was approved […]

Phil and Al get kinky……again

As most of you already know – Alan and Jean (long term mates and former housemates from sydney) got engaged last week in Goa… good man Al. They had an engagemant party last saturday. As part of my month off the booze, I had planned on not drinking but with peer pressure (I’m 27 guys, […]