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Ironing boards are the bain of my life

Ironing boards are the bain of my life

When myself and the lads moved into our house there was an ironing board. We’ve been using it since but somethimes when I iron I get a mesh like pattern on my shirt as the foam is really thin on the board. I decided to buy a new cover. I’ve bought two of them on two different occasions in two different shops – making sure I bought the biggest looking one they had. Neither of the things fit. I tried to fit them but I end up looking like an idiot as it just keeps flying off when I stretch it. I give up and from now on will be weraing football jerseys that require no ironing. As I’m a bit of a standards elitist (web standards anyway)…………why can’t there be a standard size for ironing boards and their covers. It’s insane!!

One size fits all……….MY BOLLOCKS!!!!

[end of rant!]

ps. Does anyone want to buy an ironing board cover.

Can I have a Lexus please?


I’ve been drooling over Lexus IS 200s for years now. Last week I bit the bullet – sorted out some finance and bought one. I haven’t sold the tank yet but once I get it’s NCT sorted, I’m hoping it’ll sell quickly.

The car I went for was a 2000 Lexus IS 200 Sport (Styling Kit). I am insanely in love with this car now.

Lexus IS 200 #9

Lexus IS 200 #8

Lexus IS 200 #7

Lexus IS 200 #6

Lexus IS 200 #5

Lexus IS 200 #4

Lexus IS 200 #3

Lexus IS 200 #2

Lexus IS 200 #1

It’s got relatively high mileage (118k uk motorway miles) but el-Volvo is up to 182k now so I’m not worried at all and the toyota engines can go for generations.  It is a completely different driving experience to the Volvo. A proper sports car – scared the shit out of me the first time I took it on the country roads.

Farewell Volvo – you have been relegated. I would recommend a Lexus without hesitation.

Ubuntu no longer likes to mount me

I started an edgy eft (Ubuntu 6.06) to feisty fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) upgrade at the weekend. All seemed to go well apart from, it no longer likes my fstab file for auto mounting disks. I have my home directory on a different partition and auto mount it using the fstab file. It no longer works. I spent about an hour trying to figure out why but to no avail. I can see the parition in /dev fine (/dev/sda2) but when I mount it – there’s nothing there. I’ll try with a live CD (I have to unplug one of my monitors first). Has anyone had any issues like this?

Compilation of CSS showcase sites

I needed a list of CSS showcase sites for a buddy of mine and for my future reference – from my bookmarks, delicious and Google – this is what I came up with –

Any more to add?

Time off for a car loan – cigoL hsirI

AIB logoI am completely perplexed and baffled at the phone call I have just had. I applied for a car loan last week as I’m looking to upgrade once the burden of mortgage payments is lifted (fingers crossed this will be in the next month or so). Today I got a call saying I was approved -great stuff. Now to get my loan I have to sign the loan agreement, BUT I can’t do this on my own – It has to be witnessed by a bank official which means that I need to go to specify a bank to which the agreement will be sent. I then have to wait a few days for the agreement to arrive and then arrange to go to that bank and sign the thing. This would be acceptable if the banks open on Saturday or late one night. They don’t (none of them – and before anyone pipes up, 5pm is NOT late). AIB make money from loans, it’s in their interest to make it easy to take them out – not difficult.
I keep referring back to the UK as there it was simple. The loan agreement was sent to your address, you signed it and sent it back – easy. What is it with backward systems in this place????

I have two more examples of the craziness that is Irish logic. To get an NCT (similar to MOT) I had to drive to the NCT center and get my log book photocopied, wait three days and then arrange a test for another day by phone or online. Why can’t the NCT center get a copy of the log book from the relevant office without me having to go all the way to Ballymun and like a tulip watch them photocopy my logbook?. Insane logic yet again.

My last example is Pensions. I have a UK pension and it is possible to transfer pensions from one country to another providing the pension fund meets certain requirements. Now this was possible a few months ago to Ireland. Now though, the Irish government has decided that it’s not allowing this anymore. The fund still meets the requirements but it’s a no-go. How can this make sense???

I do love Ireland but please please could the people responsible for the above get their head out of their asses and think about their policies before enforcing them.

Also the title reads “Irish Logic” backwards.

Phil and Al get kinky……again

As most of you already know – Alan and Jean (long term mates and former housemates from sydney) got engaged last week in Goa… good man Al. They had an engagemant party last saturday. As part of my month off the booze, I had planned on not drinking but with peer pressure (I’m 27 guys, peer pressure should be a thing of the past) and champagne thrust into my hand – I lost my resolve after about 10 minutes. A great night was had by all although my “eyes closed roundy roundy” dance did make me knock over a load of beer. Well done guys – may you have a happy happy future together 🙂

Phil and Al get kinky......again