Monthly Archives: October 2007

Guinness Jazz Weekender

Last weekend I went to Cork for the Guiness Jazz festival. I’m not really into Jazz at all but I had been told that it is a good weekend regardless. I went down on Saturday afternoon by train – (first time in first class which I reckon is well worth it). Saturday night was spent […]

The Secret To Only Working 8-5

The Secret To Only Working 8-5 Here is the secret: learn to walk away. I am a firm believer in this. It is the ONLY way that we can keep any sort of work life balance and at least try to get a quality of life better than tolerable. There are of course caveats to […]

What are you listening to?

I found Lauryn Hill MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 on mp3Sparks and I’m loving that. I remember my first bought minidisc was The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill which I loved at the time. I also bought Radio 1 Established 1967 which has some awesome tracks. Cormac @ work gave me some Tokyo Police Club songs which […]

Thursday night Karting

Myself and the Prague team went Karting last night and then out for dinner and drinks. It was a great night – So far, Prague is awesome and the I’m afraid to say that the rumours are true – the ladies here are strikingly hot. Me and the Prague team (minus Filip who was ill). […]

IE – why oh why do you taunt me so??

I’ve been working on a couple of plugins for the YUI editor to allow insertion of Flash Movies (YouTube and Google Video). It’s all working swimmingly well in Firefox and Safari but in IE – it just would not work. Why? because of IE’s JS engine bastarding implementation of innerHTML and pasteHTML. I know that […]

Prague – Czech Republic

I’m in Prague for a week working in the Ammado Progue office. I’m here for the weekend and plan on taking a ton of photos… watch this space.

RSS enclosures -revisited

I studied RSS in detail a while back for Aggreg8 and for my Content Syndication presentation (also on Google Base). I’ve only just now revisted the spec and was quite taken aback that there is only one enclosure allowed per RSS item. Quite a limitation considering the wealth of media (images,videos,audio) being published and syndicated […]

What’s Ammado?

Well the veil has been lifted a little and I can reveal what it is I have been working on. Ammado is a social network targetted at charities and people interacting with charities.We’ve got all the usual stuff like communities, comments, image pools, message broadcasts etc etc. I’ve been working on all sorts but mainly […]

Calvin (Tommy) and Hobbes (Tigern)

I’ve started to read Calvin and Hobbes again over @ I used to read it when I lived over in Norway – only there is was called “Tommy og Tigern”. It still cracks me some of the stuff he comes out with. The best image from the last week was this -> What an […]

It’s not you, it’s me

After nearly 19th months together, I’ve decided leave Volvo and move on. We had some great times together. She was a real firecracker, once her revs got high enough – she’d compete with anything else I know. Thank you for the good times my love. I’ve got more details over at