Monthly Archives: September 2007

We can all live in piss

There was a bird at our door yesterday selling paintings. She was from Israel and pretty hot so I let her pitch them and have a chat. There was one painting called “the fountain of peace” However she pronounced it – “The fountain of piss” and then proceeded to say that “if we all work […]

Listening to music

I’ve found I have a very weird way of listening to music. Since the relaunch of as, I have bought over 300 songs. I listen to these on my commute and while coding or writing in work. What I’ve found is that every day or so I’ll find a song that I love […]

Yahoo crashed my Firefox

I very rarely check my yahoo mail but today I tried to (several times) and each time it crashed Firefox. I’m not a happy bunny. They must be doing a silly amount of YUI and Ajax calls to crash it.

Outlook is awesome

Outlook is awesomely crap. I really do hate it. It hangs all the time. It’s rules are rubbish and not very intuitive to set up. I can’t “edit as new” and it’s tagging/flagging is not very good as the flagged state of an email is not very apparent. It also irks me that it insists […]

Learning CSS

I’ve been asked a couple of times over the last week on what the best approach to learning CSS would be. The approach I took was a good one and it was the one I suggested. Learn it as you would any other technology …. Properly!!. You wouldn’t stumble into trying to learn Java fumbling […]