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Debugging to your clipboard (firefox extension)

I’ve started using Google reader again and came across the truly brilliant Dust Me Selectors extension (good work brothercake). It’s aim is to report on the CSS redundacy on your site. I hooked it into our selenium test suite and set it to run on page load. Selenium closes the browser when done and deletes […]

Developing a Firefox Extension That People Actually Use

I’ll stop venting my anger at faceless corporations now. There’s a nice write up on the tools needed to write good firefox extensions. [ generic viagra in mexico | performance anxiety viagra | viagra herb alternative | prescription viagra ]

British Gas are a behemoth calamity

I’ve mentioned British Gas a few times now and suffice to say that the jokers have still not resolved my issues. It looks like they’ve given their website an overhaul. Just like the last one, it is shit and doesn’t work. The login times out. When it doesn’t I can never log in as it […]

Where’s clown number three

What in the name of all things XML have I been up to. Well as y’all have probably gathered, I’ve been relatively offline, what with my new job. Trying to get settled in Ireland, trying to sell my house in Wales and generally trying to get my shit together. I’ve been going to the gym […]