Monthly Archives: March 2007

Ajax header image rotation

Previously on, the header images were populated from a PHP Array which generated a ul with javascript links to change the header image. Not nice as it relied on javascript. After some ajaxian fun, the list is now generated from an XML playlist and the list is fully accessible with click events attached to […]

Property for sale in Shotton, Deeside (Mine)

Some of you might not know yet, but I am moving back to ireland and as such my house is for sale, you can view the full brocure and view it on Rightmove. Stunning original features mixed with modern conveniences, this three bedroom semi offers a sizeable and well maintained home. Having original features including: […]

Sold my iBook

When I lived in Sydney, I bought an iBook and I loved it, loved it, loved it. It served me well traveling and as a test and “in front of TV” machine. Sadly, I have sold it. To my colleague Joel, so it’s in good hands. I am now in the market for a new […]

Airport observations and a tonka truck of a hangover

I went home last weekend to visit my pals and family. It was awesome. For various reasons, I needed to go home and get pissed and good lord, that I did. This is what I can remember from Saturday night- Leaving twelfth lock chatting to conor on train going into odeon Dancing by the table […]