Monthly Archives: February 2007

Toshiba Libretto L5 Sub Notebook for sale

I’m selling my Toshiba Libretto L5 Sub Notebook on ebay I have a buy it now of £370  – SOLD I’m also selling my VTBook PCMCIA DVI graphics card on ebay. – SOLD

The importance of an email’s subject

All too often, I get emails with one word subjects. It has always annoyed me and I have always edited the subject in my reply. It’s even worse if the subject makes no sense, has nothing to do with the content or the worst, no subject at all. With several thousand emails in many folders, […]

Extend Your Browser

Tuesday 6th (the day of my presentation) eventually rolled around. Due to a crazy machine rebuild and re-install fest, I only finished writing the presentation at 1:30pm on the day. It went really well, some very good questions at the end. As I mentioned in my previous entry – the description of the presentation was […]