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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Extend your browser – ITWales

Last year I gave a presentation to the ITWales group on Content Syndication. I have been bullied into giving another presentation next Tuesday. I have entitled it “Extending your browser”. Directly from the flyer – Firefox and the Gecko family of browsers are not simply web browsers, they can be extended to provide custom functionality, […]

Halfviking get’s videos (ffmpeg, convert, flvmdi, flvplayer)

I’ve always wanted my online gallery export script to handle videos and last weekend, I bit the bullet and wrote it. I used quite a few Open source projects to accomplish this which means that PEAExport has a few dependencies but I think it’s worth it. My Canon Ixus takes AVI movies. The sizes of […]

Australia Day 2007

It’s been a whole three years since I was in Sydney celebrating Australia day. I’ve done a lot since then but so much of me wishes I was back there waving my paper flags. Those were good times . It’s also nice to see the Aussies kicking England’s ass in the cricket once again. I […]

British Gas suck ass

Churchill might kick ass but British Gas definitely sucks ass. I joined British Gas for my electricity in June of last year to try and save a few quid as Scottish Power Manweb was costing a fortune and I got a price fix untill the end of 2009. I have a direct debit of £64 […]

Churchill kick ass

Gill’s car insurance is up for renewal and the renewal quote she got from Diamond was £495 including breakdown cover. That’s a bit steep so we set about lowering it and in true Philroche fashion (actually Gill did it), we got it down to £336 with Churchill. It always pays to shop around.

Sweet Memories

A good buddy of mine sent me this in email format – well worth a read. It’ll make you think. Ah I remember them well Way back…. I’m talking about Hide and seek in the park The shop down the road, Hopscotch, Donkey, skipping, handstands, stuck in the mud, football with an old can, Dandy, […]

Windows Media Player obsessed with Gwen Stefani

My brother bought me the very good “Cake Sale” album for Christmas, I brought it into work to play while working. Windows Media player is under the improession that the Album is Gwen Stefani. I cannot change this anywhere – it’s very annoying. Why on earth does this happen.

Geek resolutions

As it’s new year and my motivation is at an all time low, I think a list of TODOs (or new years resultions) is needed. Some of those listed are techy and some are not but all of them are aimed at improving my life. I will Finish the new design of this site – […]