Monthly Archives: December 2006

Christmas Charity – the Open Source way

Every year for the last few years I have given to charity at Christmas. Last year it was Oxfam but this year I wanted to do something a bit different. In the early days of Aggreg8 development, I got a $10 donation and it freaked me out, I coded for days with a crazy energy and a boosted ego, knowing that someone thought that what I was doing was worth some of their hard earned cash. So this year, I have decided to give $5 to 10 different Open Source projects. The projects I have chosen are ones that I use on a day to day basis and really admire.

If we could all do something like this then Open source would continue to thrive and we will all reap the benefits for years and years to come. Joel noted that most people don’t want credit for donating but I do as donating is clearly not a selfless act ;).

Aggreg8 lives

This weekend I have gone on an all out Open Source offensive. I have released a new version of ACR (Automatically Create Rewriterules) with some bug fixes and faster processing of sites. I have released an updated version of PEA (Photoshop Elements Album Export) with improved accessibility and more options in the python script header.

Aggreg8 lives again I also started work on Aggreg8 again. I have a working version for Firefox 2.0 (not released yet) which will be my basis for my future plans.

  • Get Aggreg8 working on Firefox 2.0 – Done but not released
  • Get auto-subscribe working – Done but not released
  • Use built in Feed parser
  • Use SQLite for storage
  • Have an options panel
  • Ability to import and export OPML
  • Clean up XULs and Javascripts – especially the location of some functions
  • Add license to header of each file (MPL)
  • Create some nicer CSS stylesheets
  • Create a Norwegian language file
  • Change all references of (now a microsoft portal) to
  • Implement some sort of caching (although the aim of Aggreg8 is to be simple – caching might be overkill)

After 3 years of inactivity on the site. I am again on the active projects list and am raring to go with the above features. The aim of Aggreg8 version 0.3 is to be a super simple RSS reader with no fancy feature, just an easy way to read your RSS feeds. Using SQLite and the built in parser, I hope will improve performance too.