Monthly Archives: October 2006

Ultimate dev laptop

I’ve been looking around at laptops for a while. I want the ultimate laptop. I want Core 2 Duo or similar AMD At least 2GB RAM A fast hard drive (7200rpm) Dual display out, DVI and VGA Ability to run 2 external 20″ monitors At least 15.4″ monitor Very good build quality DVD writer Onboard […]

Multiple instances of jEdit

I am a complete jEdit fanatic and it always has a place on my taskbar. jEdit is ver clever when running multiple versions each instance communicates over TCP IP so that all instances are identical. What if you don’t want that and want to have different file open in different instances of jEdit (or if […]

W3C Log File format on IIS- UTC timestamp

We were trying to check the log files for a site of ours to make sure a rewrite rule was working. Due to lack of rotation, the log file was 3GB and would not open in textpad (understandably). What a I really needed was a win32 version of tail. Voila – It’s a GUI […]

Gill 27

Gill turns 27 today and as I’m not your usual birthday cake kind of guy, we had profiteroles for breakfast at 6.30 this morning. [ can viagra be used by women | cialis dosage | viagra usa | cost of viagra | cialis buy overnight | get viagra avoid prescription | viagra contraindications | viagra […]

auto rewrite rules and google sitemap generation

Although we’re very busy in work at the moment, the last few evenings I have been pythoning myself up and have come up with 3 nifty little scripts. Automatically generate a google sitemap for any given url – . Automatically generate rewrite rules for any given url – . View a list of […]

Krugle Audit

I’ve been harping on about Krugle for a while now and rightly so. I was on their beta testers list and as such was also on their mailing list. Last week I got a mail asking me to part-take in an audit with a third party company to gauge my views on the web app […]

Krugle Firefox search plugin

I was cursing and it’s bastard (yet brilliant) ajax as I could’t write a Firefox search plugin. Then today I saw on their blog that they have the “Krugle Search Environment” which allows you to bookmark searches and thus create a firefox search plugin. Download Or install it (versions less than Firefox 2.0) […]

Autotrader remake

It seems that Autotrader has gone standards compliant. I’ve not tested the markup for compliance but it’s great to see the giant dinasaurs like autotrader and rightmove going this way. [ getting cialis from canada | where to purchase viagra | viagra effects on women | alternative viagra drug | canada viagra pharmacies scam | […]