Monthly Archives: September 2006

Sunny Spain

I’m off for a week in Spain to play “The Hoff”, get pissed and pinkify my belly. [ generic viagra | viagra rx in canada | how quick does a cialis work | viagra soft tablets | mexican viagra | can teens take viagra | uk viagra sales | where can i buy viagra […]

Server tears

Well, I received my server today. Quite surprisingly the packaging was a bit poor, with only bubble wrap wrapped around it. The RAID controller and PCI adaptor were loose inside. After some fretting I eventually got it running and booting into the installed Mandriva. I then started to install Ubuntu which would but install due […]

Investing in a server

I’m not big into hardware and only really know what I need to. I’m not a gamer and have no need for any fancy graphics cards. I do however spend hours trawling ebay for servers. I am dying to buy one and I think the time has come. I had been looking at the Sun […]

Steve’s gone dude, Steve’s gone

It’s a sad day when an Ausie icon like Steve Irwin passes away. He was an ace presenter and his Australia zoo is awesome (I’ve been there, check my gallery). I’ve jumped with the guy and he’s had me in a head lock. An great guy and he will be missed. [ where can i […]