Monthly Archives: August 2006

Graduate c# devleopers x2 wanted

As part of Karova‘s expansion, we are looking at taking on 2 more graduate developers. If you want to apply, you’ll need at least a 2:1 in a technical degree, knowledge of object oriented programming techniques, XML and XSLT, web standards and CSS. C# would be benifical, as would a good grasp of IIS. If […]

ActiveCollab Windows Server 2003 IIS6

We are trying out ActiveCollab @ Karova instead of Basecamp. There was quite a few problems to get it working though. Mainly as it was PHP on IIS methinks. The first error was that none of the class files were not being loaded by autoloader as it didn’t know where to look so I had […] Snowdon Mashup

I don’t like the term “mashup” but I wrote a quick “mashup” to show the route I took up Snowdon on sunday (I didn’t go all the way). Try it out. The javascript needs some cleaning but it works for now. Note: I haven’t tested in in IE. To tie this in with a handheld […] 2006 goes live is finally live after far too many late nights. Well done team Karova. I’m off to get some shut eye. Don’t even think of sending me bug reports. At least not until the morning. [ age of viagra users | viagra in canada | viagra overnight | age of viagra users | pfizer mexico […] sold

None of you will have noticed that and are now actually hosting Microcosm which is a Microsoft portal of some sorts. I was approached about a month ago to see if I would sell Hell yes. I suggested $3000 as I could not be bothered getting into a to and fro debate […]

Porting a Project from Visual Studio .NET to Mono — Porting a Project from Visual Studio .NET to Mono If I ever get some free time – you’ll see KarovaStore running on mono [ viagra blog | viagra overnight | female version of viagra | how much is viagra | when will viagra be generic | express viagra delivery | cialis next day […]