Monthly Archives: July 2006

C# XML encoding woes

I have a simple XML document fragment with a euro symbol in it: [code lang="xml"] Lorem ipsłum dolor sit amet, [/code] which I want to load into an XML document. [code lang="cpp"] System.Xml.XmlDocument doc=new System.Xml.XmlDocument(); doc.LoadXml(xml); [/code] I then output the XML of that doc to see that all is well – alas it is […]

Mette Roche Irish Times interview

My mum was featued in the Irish Times last weekend JPG Scan of article in Irish Times PDF Scan of article in Irsh Times

Karova turns three

Karova turned three this month. I am very happy to say I have been a part of the Karova team for half of the time. We are still growing and still getting great projects. I’d like to welcome all the new members of the team. Hipp Hipp Hooray !!!!! Check out the rest of the […]

It took a non-techie to show me Microsoft’s version of Google maps – – truly excellent. A lot more detail in alot more places. Good work Microsoft

Dev crazy

In an attempt to vary the type of programming I am doing, out of office I have been working on quite a few cool projects. Outlined a few below – unfortunately none are for download yet as they are still in progress. KarovaDev Firefox extension As Karova‘s main product is a hosted e-commerce solution, we […]

Ireland June 06

As I mentioned before, I was in ireland last week at Marty’s wedding and visiting my folks. I now have the photos up – some quite embarrassing but I ahve a rule that if it’s on the camera – it’s going online Marty’s Wedding Underwater pictures from diving (pages 6 to 11) There are a […]

Skype mania

I love Skype and use it for most of my calls. I have a Skype-in number “+44121 288 5321″ and I have Skype voicemail too. I recently got my dad set up so we can have free calls. I was wandering around Sainsburys the other day and was very surprised to see a leaflet allowing […]