Monthly Archives: June 2006

Complete relaxation

I’m over in the motherland for the best part of a week trying to relax and de-stress. We got the ferry from Holyhead on friday afternoon. Stayed at my mum’s on friday night and saturday morning we drove down to Cahir in county Tipperary (It’s a long way) for my mate clav’s wedding which as […]

Evolution on Win32

Finally Evolution on Win32. I definitely see this giving thunderbird/lightning a run for its money. – I can’t find a download though

Gratulerer med dagen Mette Mor

My Mum‘s birthday – A Flickr Leech of all her Flickr photos.

Pillar with the green-style logo

A text message I received today led to a quite interesting text message conversation – Stranger: Here today mate? Me: I am here, where are you? Stranger: By the pillar with the green-style logo Me: I still can’t see you, i’m by the fountain I haven’t had a reply from that one – but it […]

Lake District

Myself, Gill, and Bobby went on a spur of the moment camping trip to the Lake district this weekend. THe start of the weekend did not go well, with the Volvo overheating 4 times to and from work on friday, eventually resulting in the boiling over of all my coolant and a trip to the […]

XGL madness

I managed to get (with some help) XGL working on the iBook and it runs quite well considering the graphics cards in those machines. All the key bindings were screwed though (it being a mac keyboard – an australian one at that) and it misunderstood the size of my screen so all my apps were […]