Monthly Archives: May 2006

Finally, me got some wireless

With the long awaited Dapper Drake release of Ubuntu I have finally got Ubuntu 6.0.6 (Dapper Drake) working on my iBook. With some help from ubuntuforums, modprobe, fwcutter and my OSX installation, I also managed to get wifi working (I did have to disable my WEP though). Awesome stuff, It really is nice to have […]

Edinburgh Stag Weekend II

Why was the last post empty you ask — What goes on tour, stays on tour You should know that [ soft gel viagra | women viagra | order viagra 1 | internet viagra pharmacy | lowest cost generic viagra | does herbal viagra really work | viagra seizures | 50 mg cialis dose | […]

Edinburgh Stag Weekend

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I usually cringe alot when watching reality shows but this years big brother is out of this world. Gill has started watching it and I can’t stand it, so many outrageously camp gays, pornstar look alikes and the usual quota of freaks. Please stop the madness. [ viagra warnings | female viagra cream | viagra […]

Gleninagh Quay – Google Maps

Google Maps has finally updated the area where my dad lives on the burren. It’s one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been and luckily I will going there next month for a few days to launch my dad’s boat and do some diving with burren adventures diving. [ does herbal viagra […]

IIS wants it’s 80 back

Once again microsoft succeed in completely baffling me with a non sensical error message – “Unexpected Error 0x8ffe2740 Occurred”. What it really meant to say was that IIS is not able start on port 80 so sort it out, the reason for this was Skype (As I have seen before). [ 5 mg original brand […] finally goes live

Mette Roche (my mum) has been after me for ages to build her a website. I finally got around to it and the finished site isn’t too bad. The design is not finished yet but all the functionality is there. She’s an artist and the aim of the site is to promote her paintings and […]

Spam is getting better

I get a huge amount of comment spam, most of which is thankfully caught by Askimet but one did get through but I can fully understand why, it’s very good and very subtle I’m very, very impressed that this sort of work is being done; Web Design is getting stagnant with people using just styled […]

Archive date grep V1.0

Archive date grep is a python script that allows you to archive (choosing zip or tar) all files within a directory structure which have been modifies since a user defined date. The archive maintains the original directory structure which makes it ideal for releasing websites. You can downlaod the script as a zip archive[zip 2 […]