Monthly Archives: April 2006

One year today

We’ve been in our house one year today. One of the fastest years I have ever had.

Textarea size increase in PHPMyAdmin

I needed to increase the size of the textareas in phpMyAdmin. Drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks, click on it when you’re using phpMyAdmin and you’re done. [code lang="javascript"] javascript:(function() { var textareas = window.frames['frame_content'].document.getElementsByTagName('textarea'); for (n=0;n

Stuff I want to post about

Stuff I want to post about but don’t have the time : Having a dedicated Ubuntu machine mod_python and mod_php having a barny ‘cos I want to use mysql with both Hacking the web developer extension Getting SVNserve working Getting Trac working Working from home Semi-converting my loft Working late Booking time off I hate […]

Quinn Direct Masters tickets

I am selling 2 tickets to the Quinn Direct masters golf championship which starts on 10th may. Face value is £20 each, you can get 2 of them for £36£31 delivered. Buy it now Now Sold

No nonsense… fo sho

Myself, Gill, Enda and Tara went to the Aintree grand national on saturday. Tara bought us tickets for the John Smiths “No Nonsense” enclosure. We stayed in the beer tent mostly and got pissed. Gill’s favourite band were on too which we didn’t know so that was great. I had a great day out and […]

All about the inches

My brother played this in his car the other day and it is truly awesome. Al Pacino’s inches speech in Any Given Sunday. If you’re feeling tired or uninspired, I guarantee this will pick you up. Download AnyGivenSunday_Inches.mp3 Download AnyGivenSunday_Inches.mp3 usual copyright disclaimers etc…. blah blah blah

Karova Design launches

As part of our bid to take over the world we have added a new team of experts to our arsenal…… I give you Karova Design. Karova Design is part of the Karova family. We specialise in designing and developing exceptional Internet experiences for both commercial and non-profit organisations. We are well known for accessible […]