Monthly Archives: March 2006

Zip all changed files

Calling all server admins Our server admin was off today and I had to set a site live. We have a script that lists all changed files since a certain date so that those files can then be ftp’d to the live server. This seemed far too tedious for me so I re-wrote the […]

ASPX craziness

There I was hammering away, well in the zone writing a pretty beefy login system in C# when all of a sudden all the pages stopped working. I was running the application on my own machine so I tried to debug by setting a breakpoint and attaching the aspnet worker process. Nope just output blank […]

Irish piss up day 2006

Sadly the Welsh don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day so I am working today (dreaming of having a nice creamy pint(s) with my mates back home) [hover over shamrock :)] [ cialis for sale | alternative to viagra | viagra generic | cost of cialis ]

Vivacious Volvo

Well, it’s done. After many weekends deliberating over whether to buy a second car, I’ve finally taken the plunge and purchased a long time dream of a car (note I didn’t buy this car with economy in mind ;)) – Volvo v70 2,5 litre 20v Turbo. Even saying it gets me excited. It’s a 1997 […]

Flickr Leech

From Digg I found Flickr Leech. A quick gimp->”acquire screenshot” and upload and hey presto : [ cialis canadian | viagra the little blue pill | which is better viagra or cialis | buying cialis ]

Awesome Synergy

Damn those open source developers. Synergy is excellent. I recently bought a USB switch so I could switch my trackball and keyboard between machines. It works well but then I tried Synergy. I have heard some talk of it but thought it was still alphatastic but I ran the installer on my home machine, my […]

Fastest ebay transaction ever

As I’m working at the office at the moment, I don’t have my tracbal and am using a tiny usb mouse. I’ve been doing that for about a week and yesterday evening I had enough and went on the hunt for another Microsoft trackball explorer to keep in the office. Nobody sells it anymore as […]