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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Addicted to http data

Addicted to http data I got into work today and I could not get access to the internet. I was flumuxed. What am I meant to do now. I knew I had plenty to do that didn’t need net access but the first thing I do when I get in is check my mail, check […]

Bobby .. again

Not much but work going on lately so here’s another picture of Bobby.

XSLT output CDATA sections

I was transforming some xml to xml another format and some of the text nodes could potentially contained invalid characters, so placing them in CDATA sections would be wise. I tried the following – [code lang="xml"] ....... < ![CDATA[ ]]> [/code] which of course did not work and resulted in what you see below. I […]

ValueError: bad marshal data

Very strange error happened today – I was running a few python scripts I was writing when I suddenly started getting a “ValueError: bad marshal data” error . It was due to libxml2 but I didn’t know why. I deleted the “C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\libxml2.pyc” and the “C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\libxml2.pyo” file which solved the problem. No idea why as the […]

Viking Textorizer

Textorizer is a tool that was linked to on Digg. It converts an image to SVG but the lines in the image are replaced with text that the user supplies. I tried it out with the viking head image and the words “philroche”, “philip”, “roche” and it out put an svg file which I opened […]

CD image files from the Microsoft Download Center

Security and critical updates are available on ISO-9660 CD image files from the Microsoft Download Center Security and critical updates are available on ISO-9660 CD image files from the Microsoft Download Center As my mum is on dial up and I now have 2Mb ADSL, these isos will be invaluable when setting up her new […]

LibXML2 and LibXSLT documentation

If you use libxml2 and libxslt (windows binaries) in python, you’ll know how annoying it is trying to figure out how to do something as the documentation is quite limited. You can find out what is available in the python shell using dir() and __doc__ and help() but that’s a pain so I wrote a […]

Bobby Super Dog

After much persuasion and torture, we are now the proud parents of “Bobby”, An 8 week old golden labrador. He is sleeping at my feet as I type. He does wake and start barking incredibly early but fingers crossed that will end soon. He’s only 8 weeks but already I have hime sitting, giving paw, […]

New Desk

New Desk from Ebay, I pick it up tomorrow morning…. bargain £100

MiTunes – Pause iTunes when you get a Skype call

Skypeteer – MiTunes | This version of Skypeteer just has one purpose and that is to pause the iTunes player if a call comes in.