Monthly Archives: December 2005

New Year mayhem

I’m now in my Dad’s place in Clare, chilling untill I go up to Carrick-on-Shannon to meed all the lads for a New Year celebration extravaganza. I’ve stocked up on my Miller and am ready to get pissed as a fart. I’m looking forward to next year and I have a few New Year resolutions […]

Toshiba L5 madness

I previously noted that my Dad had a Toshiba Libretto L5. When he was in Japan though, he upgraded to a super tiny Sony Vaio. What did he do with the L5…. Gave it to me he did. I am in awe of this beast.. so bloody light and quick too. I just ordered another […]

Embedding SVG

I wanted to use SVG for a report on one of our new projects so when creating the XHTML wireframe/templates, I included some sample SVG graphs, I used the embed tag which worked well but was invalid XHTML strict. I had a look around but everywhere used the embed tag. [code lang="xml"] [/code] I thought […]

I am a god

My dyslexic girlfriend thinks I’m a god …..Classic [ levitra vs cialis | cheap cialis levitracom viagra | cialis daily canada | cialis professional 20 mg | price cialis | buy cialis once daily | viagra canadian pharmacy dosage | viagra price germany | viagra indigestion as a side effect | drink alcohol with viagra […]

Filezilla 2 Cuteftp

I’ve been using Filezilla alot lately but it has been messing up a few transfers (to live servers no doubt) so I decided to try a new FTP client. I hade used CuteFTP Pro before and like it alot. I have a huge list of sites in my Filezilla site manager though and I was […]

SVN explorer.exe slow down

Over the last few months my SVN working directory has grown to about 11Gb. I use TortoiseSVN client which works great but recently my machine (3GHz P4 with 1.5Gig Ram) started to run super slow any time I accessed a file or tried to browse a directory. I thought I had a virus at first […]

Mono XSP 404

Arghh!!! I worked form home yesterday as I had the plumber round power flushing the central heating system. I spent most of the day trying to get mono xsp working (on Ubuntu on my ibook) which I did and all the sample .net applications were working great. I came in to work today to show […]

What a pillock

Damn Dan Brown and his “The DaVinci code“. This morning I started to get an earlier train as they have changed the timetable, meaning it is dark when I get to Abergele. With it being dark and the fact that I was so engrossed in my book, I missed my stop. I jumped out of […]

OSX and Ubuntu- dual boot

After playing around with Ubuntu Live (PPC) on my ibook, this weekend my mission was to get OSX and Ubuntu dual booting on my ibook. Here’s how it went. Backup some of my important Docs and data from my existing OSX install Start clean install of OSX, creating 3 partitions, one shared, one for OSX […]

Aardvark’d DVD +

I bought Fog Creek‘s (Joel on Software) “12 weeks with geeks” DVD about a month ago and it arrived the other day. I was expecting a DVD with plenty of interviews about a software project’s lifecycle. This was not really what I got but what I did get was very entertaining and well worth the […]