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Monthly Archives: November 2005

ln for windows

While working on a C# project, having to copy the built dlls to the working directory to test the application was doing my head in. Now if I was in linux I would just ln /dir/sourcefile.file /otherdir/targetfile.file But can I do something similar in windows?, I didn’t think so but with some digging I found […]

Google Analytics

What is up with Google Analytics, so bloody slow, it forgets about stats it should have, it takes a day to get new stats. Is it just me?. Nice and snazzy but I wish it worked. I hope to God that this isn’t what the Urchin customers got for their money. Sort it out Google…. […]

Python and UML

It’s been a good while since I’ve used any formal methods to plan any coding so it’s been a great using some UML again. It just shows that all that stuff I thought was fluffy bullshit realy does make sense when developing large projects. A few links I’ve found while looking around at Python and […]

Version control tips

Using CVS/SVN is great but it can be a right pain in the ass if it goes wrong. I’ve been using it on an off for a few years now. I always stick to these simple rules and very rarely run into any conflicts or difficulties. On the same note, I managed to get CVS […]

Who forgot to buy their lottery ticket

I did, I play the lottery twice a week every week and have done for the last year. I but my ticket for 5 weeks online and I get an email reminder when my ticket has expired. Yesterday I check the results using my results checker and I was amazed to see that we had […]