Monthly Archives: October 2005

Social browser Flock

I’ve just downloaded the developer preview of the social browser Flock… it looks spiffy. I am writing this from the built in blogging tool. [ buy inurl viagra viagra | herbal viagra uk | effect of cialis on women | real viagra without prescription ]

Half Viking Gallery Goes Live

It’s been a while on the back burner but this weekend I went hell for leather and managed to get the necessary coding done to get live. I manage all my photos 6000+ photos in Photoshop Elements and I am very happy with how it copes but it’s web gallery export sucks ass. What […]

RAD Frameworks

I’ve been looking and Rapid Application Development frameworks alot lately, there’s ruby on rails and now turbogear. They work super on my dev machine and applications come together super quick but how the piss do I get them running on my shared hosting without jumping through hoops. I know the projects are still in Beta […]

XP Activation

I now have a completely legit, purchased, version of Windows XP Pro running on my machine. I was running for 30 days without activation and then I activated with the purchased serial. I did not reboot inside the 30 days and now everytime I reboot and try and log in, I have to activate a […]

Google RSS Reader

Reader Welcome to Google Reader Are they going to develop everything????? Update… built in mp3 enclosure player…sweeet [ buy viagra mexico | herbal prescription viagra | cheap viagra 50mg | viagra sales canada ]


YourMom! Your Mom is so stupid, she uploads executables in ASCII mode. Classic [ cheapest viagra | viagra cheap prescription | discount generic viagra | brand viagra professional ]

Presentation on Content Syndication

Presentation on Content Syndication. My Boss roped me into doing a presentation to the ITWales group I attend on the first tuesday of each month. I foolishly agreed. Today was the day I had been dreading. So in front of about 40 people (probably exagerated), I gave my presentation on content syndication. Mp3s and pdfs […]

Windows File List

Viewing a list of all file in a directory on windows without all the timestamps etc was a pain in the arse untill I looked into it. dir /b /a-D > filelist.txt Job Done [ viagra prescription | how long will viagra last | buy real viagra online | price of cialis in canada ]

O’Reilly: What Is Web 2.0

O’Reilly: What Is Web 2.0 Exactly, What Is Web 2.0? [ viagra pay after delivery | cialis soft pills | how often can you take viagra | vipps pharmacy ]