Monthly Archives: August 2005

Google Desktop Download

Google Desktop Download Info when you want it, right on your desktop Now with Sidebar, Find as you type, enterprise edition and much more [ female ingestion of viagra | female herbal viagra | pink viagra | how long does viagra last | buy low price viagra | viagra aus usa | canadian healthcare viagra […]

Rita Queen of speed

Enda, Tara, Gill and Myself went to Alton towers last monday… brilliant. The picture is of me and Gill on “Rita – Queen of speed” which travels 100km/h inside 2.5 seconds [ cialis next day | viagra discount | 50mg generic viagra | cialis online canada | free viagra in the uk | buy viagra […]

XForms for HTML Authors

XForms for HTML Authors XForms is the new markup language for forms on the Web. This document is a quick introduction to XForms for HTML Forms authors. It shows you how to convert existing forms to their XForms equivalent. It assumes knowledge of HTML Forms, so is not a beginner’s tutorial. Although there is mention […]

Python Bookmarks

While playing around with Python over the last few days I came up with my online bookmarks. As we use python alot in work, I figure it was time I learn it properly. What i’ve written is a few python classes that parse the firefox bookmarks file (for some reason this file is not xml, […]

Styled Checkboxes

Styled Checkboxes Styled Form Controls Some nice work.. about time someone did this properly really [ alternate uses for viagra | free viagra in the uk | where can i buy viagra | viagra prescription | women does viagra work | low cost canadian viagra | buy cheap online viagra viagra | viagra without a […]

Lost – Giant Polar bears

Lost on Channel four was hyped up something crazy and it was looking pretty good with plenty of action and glimpses of potential nudity but then whatr happened…. Giant Polar bears… get real. What a load of crap (I’ll probably still watch it though). [ herbal alternative to cialis | viagra | buying generic […]

Memory Leak – MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Memory Leak – MozillaZine Knowledge Base For some users, Firefox routinely generates a memory leak error. The error occurs with Firefox v.1.0.4 and earlier versions Hmmmmm.. that explains why my machine crawls when I get home, Solution: [ viagra london | viagra online pharmacy | viagra cialis | best way to take cialis | buy […]

An overview of the Atom 1.0 Syndication Format

An overview of the Atom 1.0 Syndication Format An overview of the Atom 1.0 Syndication Format Well worth a read if you’re as confused as me as to why they had to go and create Atom when we already had RSS [ effects of viagra | cialis neutropenia leukopenia | free herbal viagra samples | […]

analogAI’s Ten Minute XULRunner Guide

analogAI’s Ten Minute XULRunner Guide Ten Minute XULRunner Guide I’ve always wanted to get strted with XUL runner, now I have no excuse (I can learn it in 10 minutes).More ideas for projecs flying around now… [ cialis women | natural viagra | trying viagra | cheapest online viagra | next day delivery of cialis […]