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Karova night out last night… feeling a little delicate at the moment. One thing I do remember from the night is that Llandudno’s idea of club music is about 10 years behind… still I gave my danicing shoes a good workout. [ buy viagra woman | herbal alternative to viagra | cialis neutropenia leukopenia | […]


Myself and Gill went to Devon last week. We drove down on the thursday night and stayed in a travel inn. The motorways are very efficient here and we made it down really quickly. On Firday morning we flew down to Dawlish. We set up camp (super new 4 man tent) and then explored Devon […]

Fog Creek Copilot – Home

Fog Creek Copilot – Home The Fog Creek CopilotSM service allows people to help their friends, relatives, and customers fix their computer problems by connecting to their computers via the Internet. Joel Spolskys new project.. looks good and very simple to use [ selling viagra | which is better viagra cialis | viagra by mail […]

Google Moon – Lunar Landing Sites

Google Moon – Lunar Landing Sites Yup they’ve mapped the moon too [ canadian healthcare cialis | cheapest prices on viagra | cialis cheap | viagra | combine cialis and levitra | viagra use | when was viagra discovered | viagra stamina | women’s viagra | buying viagra with no prescription | uk pharmacies cheap […]

Google Sightseeing

Google Sightseeing Google Sightseeing is brought to you by Alex, James & Olly who take you to the best tourist spots in the world via satellite images from Google Maps & Google Earth. [ cialis brand name | female viagra uk | cialis and levitra | viagra injectable | viagra best buy | cialis | […]

Demo up

A proof of concept XHTML outputting demo is now live @ BBC news and are featured. [ canada viagra pharmacies scam | buy online pharmacy viagra | online cialis | cialis on line pricing in canada | drink alcohol with viagra | active ingredient in viagra | canadian pharmacy viagra | viagra canada […]

PHP, XML, and Character Encodings: a tale of sadness, rage, and (data-)loss

Steve Minutillo :: messy-78 ยป PHP, XML, and Character Encodings: a tale of sadness, rage, and (data-)loss PHP, XML, and Character Encodings: a tale of sadness, rage, and (data-)loss [ cost of cialis | buy cheap viagra in uk | cialis and levitra | sildenafil citrate warnings | viagra in mexico | buy cialis online […]

London July 2005

My heart goes out to all those involved or affected by todays attrocities. [ real viagra online | dirt cheap viagra | natural viagra alternative | viagra on line order | lowest pill price viagra | buy cialis fedex shipping | get cialis online | viagra from mexico | female viagra viagra woman | purchase […]

The office

I’ve been passed a meme by Joshuaink. Picture’s of my office today You can see all the images @ An arty photo of my workspace (as arty as I get anyway) 20.1″ Dell LCD …. drrrroooooollll. Ebay ROCKS!!! My old PC brought back to life in the form of a file and web server. […]

Mobile GMaps – Google Maps on your mobile phone!

Mobile GMaps – Google Maps on your mobile phone! Mobile GMaps is a free piece of software that displays Google Maps and Keyhole satellite imagery on Java J2ME-enabled mobile phones or other devices. [ original brand cialis | cheapest cialis overnight delivery | new drug for women viagra | viagra blog | viagra england | […]