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Gzipping your CSS with PHP

Gzipping your CSS with PHP

Picasa 2 from Google

Picasa 2 "Picasa is software that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC. Every time you open Picasa, it automatically locates all your pictures (even ones you forgot you had) and sorts them into visual albums organized by date with folder names you will recognize. You can drag and […]

IE6 Duplicate characters

IE6 Fix "The duplicate characters bug, as reported on by PIE, is a very odd bug, and specific to only IE6 on Windows (IE5.5 and lower are unaffected). This example, however, doesn't have anything to do with comments or elements with display: none declared; the can be done with pure CSS."

Apache Limit Directive

If you use .htaccess files for your authentication or for that matter if you use apache for your user authentication (to password protect directories), you will be using the <Limit> directive. I always used the GET access restriction (<Limit GET>) but as I have found through the development of my firefox blogging tool, that this […]

Worm hijacks open source database

Worm hijacks open source database – ZDNet UK News "Security experts have warned that thousands of MySQL servers around the world could be press-ganged into launching a denial-of-service attack that could bring down the Web site of a company the size of Microsoft."


stock.xchng – about us “Stock.XCHNG was launched in February 2001, as an alternative for expensive stock photography. The idea was to create a site where creative people could exchange their photos for inspiration or work. In about two years the site evolved into this massive community you see now – there are about 200.000 registered […]

The perils of using XHTML properly

The perils of using XHTML properly | 456 Berea Street "The perils of using XHTML properly"

HSBC Website Accessibility

HSBC Bank plc: Website Accessibility: Improving Visibility on the Web They have an accessibility page but even that can't be viewed properly.. in a graphical browser! (Firefox of course)

AntiSpyware Spyware Research Center

GIANT AntiSpyware Spyware Research Center – Spyware Trends and Analysis "On December 16, 2004, Microsoft announced its acquisition of GIANT Company Software, Inc., a provider of top-rated anti-spyware and Internet security products. Microsoft will use the acquisition to provide its customers with new tools to help protect them from the threat of spyware and other […]

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