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Monthly Archives: October 2004

CSS – Box Model

CSS Box Model. I've always encoutered the box model bug and had handled in many ways but the best way is of course the Tantek Box Model hack. Image is courtesy of MaxDesign. TanTek was responsible for many if the CSS advances as he implemented them in the Tasman rendering Engine in Mac IE.

Spread Firefox

I donated $10 to the spreadfirefox fund today. They are putting a full page ad in the New York times and my name will appear in that. I don't donate often but the firefox team definitely deserve a donation.

Great weekend

Great weekend with Al and Jean.. super, I'm still wrecked.

Hell yeah


25 today

Live CDs

2 more Live Cds Ubuntu and Mepis. Well worth a try both of them. Ubuntu has Firefox 1.0PR installed too. Al and Jean are coming over for the weekend so don't expect too much in the way of blogging this weekend.

Worst website

Want to book a flight on http://scandinavian.net/ , you better have nerves of steel. This website is the biggest heep of pure crap I have ever encountered. I cannot book anything, on any browser on any platform. Error messages are nice and informative too "Severe error encountered"… cheers mate. I vote start a Google bomb […]

XML and Tourism

It's been a week of CSS turmoil (browser inconsistencies), XML and XSLT at work. Mette (Mother Roche) was over last weekend which was great and we got to see all the Liverpool sites which I hadn't really seen yet. The clash of the two Titans was last weekend too (Gill's mam and my mam), It […]


Reason for lack of updates : Decorating spare room.. Over the last two weekends I have slaved away over industrial sanders, varnish and paint. We finally managed to get the spare room completed just in time for the arrival of mother superior (Mette [Mother Roche]) on Thursday of this week. We also managed to get […]